Call for participants for a capacity building training „Culture-Coding: Contributing to global culture of environmental concern“,

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Within the project „Culture-Coding: Contributing to global culture of environmental concern“,

supported by the European Commission through the Erasmus Plus programme,

civil society organisations from Serbia (MAGNET), Italy (YAP) and Mexico (VIVE MEXICO)

open the call for participation in an international capacity building training of youth leaders and youth workers,

interested in exploring the connection between culture and nature, cultural behaviour and environmental footprint,

and in exploring one’s own values and identity in relation to one’s own environmental footprint,

finally, interested in working with young people in their communities and in international surrounding.

This project explores the influence of culture on beliefs, attitudes and behaviours of individuals and communities in relation to environmental issues.


We want to design a methodology of nonformal education aiming to develop “environmental competence” among young people:

knowledge, skills and attitudes about environmentally sustainable behaviour,

based in thinking critically about the relationship between culture and nature,

raising awareness on how socio-cultural processes play a crucial role in forming of attitudes and behaviours towards nature,

how cultural behaviours may present practical challenges for environmental sustainability, but also be the key for its application in the life of individuals and communities.

Just as every culture prescribes rules for social interaction, so it prescribes the relationship of an individual with nature.

Do you have an opinion about this? Join us.


We invite you to co-create with us the methodology for working with young people.

From the 6 selected leaders, after the training one will be invited to work with a group of 5 young people (aged 18-26) and travel with them to a youth exchange in Mexico in June 2022.

Other leaders will be supported to deliver local actions with young people in their communities.

That is not all. Those active in the project will be invited to join us for the evaluation seminar,

where we will discuss about the work in an international surrounding and

prepare a document that describes the methodology of work with young people,

which then we will share with many organisations working with youth in Europe and Latin America.


We invite you to be a participant in the training,

Youth leader,

our collaboratorand co-author of methodology,

but before all – environmental activist.


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