Officially registered – MAGNET association, host of Magnet House, center for non formal education

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Association MAGNET is registered on December 20 2018, while the founding assembly was held on the International Day against Fascism and Antisemitism, November 9 2017.

MAGNET stands for Movement for Accessibility, Global Networking, Education and Training. It connects like-minded individuals on international level in order to foster and facilitate lifelong learning and intercultural awareness, capacity and dialogue, through the promotion of non formal education concepts, methodologies and practices.

Our vision is of a world where cultural diversity becomes a wealth achieved through active participation of young people.

M.A.G.N.E.T. is an organisation that focuses on:

The awareness and understanding of

Cultural diversity as a wealth

linking generations

within and beyond borders

MAGNET’s perception of cultural diversity is based on the concept of plural, dynamic and multiple identities, the involvement of stakeholders in self reflection, influencing their world vision and attitude to the “other”.

The innovative practices in

Active participation of young people as agents of change in the society

non formal educational processes

international activism and networking

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