Vlad Dumitrescu

Graduated: Journalism at Superior School of Journalism, Environmental protection and MA in Sustainable and regional development at University of Bucharest, Romania.

Currently employed as Program Manager with the Civil Society Development Foundation in Bucharest, Romania (www.fdsc.ro)

Fields of interest: nonformal education methodologies, human rights education, mainstreaming queer theories, facilitation design and processes, organisational development for NGOs, intercultural communication, advocacy and influencing public policies.

Vlad has been actively involved in the nongovernmental sector for almost 20 years as a youth worker, trainer, facilitator, project manager, event organizer, grants manager, consultant. He has been working both at national level from grass route organisations to the National Agency for Youth in Action/ Erasmus+ Program and international level in student organisations with a European outreach. His main area of interest in training and facilitation is to make people learn for themselves and make them aware of their personal development needs. In this regard, his training expertise ranges from communication skills (basic communication competences, intercultural training), non-formal education methods (delivery and facilitation of various methods such as living library, storytelling, Photovoice, life skills development, animation etc.) to theatre (theater of the oppressed, labyrinth theatre, improvisation) and dance. The expertise has been developed inside national and international projects and organizations through development of specific curricula, training programs and specific projects. He truly believes that the learning can only happen if people walk outside their comfort zone… where the magic happens!