Polyxeni Koutentaki

KOUTENTAKI POLYXENI (XENIA)  born in 1970, holds Bachelor’s degree in “Science of Education” University “LA SAPIENZA”, Rome Italy (1989-1993) Thesis: “Simulation as a Training tool” Seminars 2013-2014

9/2010 Social Responsibility Institutions and Social Solidarity, interdisciplinary post-graduate seminar, financed by S. Niarchos Foundation, University of Athens, Panteion University/ University of Peloponnese) “Research in adult education” Hellenic Adult Education Association

3/2008 : “Transformative learning in adult education” Hellenic Adult Education Association 11/2005 : “Contemporary trends in Adult Education”, Hellenic Adult Education Association 2001–2003 : “Advanced Training for Trainers in Europe”. Partnership Project Council of Europe & European Commission 9/2000 : “European Partnership Conference on Inclusion” Raleigh International , London

3/1997 : “International group leaders training seminar”, una- exchange – uk

1995 – 1996 : Conservation Volunteers- Greece (C.V.G) “International group leaders training seminar”

Professional Experience

2/2019 Today
PEDAGOGICAL COORDINATOR FOR ARSIS NGO Responsibilities: follow up the implementation of a training process aiming to enhance life skills competences for children in alternative care.

5/2019 Today
PEDAGOGICAL COORDINATOR FOR DIOTIMA ORGANISATION Responsibilities: design and deliver trainings for non specialized personnel working in refugee camps on the topic of Sexual and Gender based violence assessment and referrals.

8/2018 5/2019
TRAINER FOR ADULT EDUCATORS ON THE TOPICS OF USE OF ART IN EDUCATION AND WORK WITH REFUGEE WOMEN Three international trainings of one week long where participants had the chance to explore the potential of using art work as learning triggers. The organiser was Hellenic Adult Education Association. Responsibilities: Design the educational program, develop the content and deliver the trainings.

27- 31/8/2018 & 27-31/8/2019
MASTER STORY TELLER & FACILITATOR FOR THE UN SYSTEM STAFF COLLEGE KNOWLEDGE CENTRE FOR SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT, GERMANY Responsibilities: Facilitate the UN Summer Academy, develop the concept for the Story Fair event, an open space where various organisations (more than 80 organisations from 30 countries) share their sustainable development practices.

08/2016 04/2018
NON FORMAL EDUCATION PROJECT MANAGER FOR DANIELLE MITTERRAND FOUNDATION & LEO LAGRANGE FEDERATION IN KRI–IRAQ Responsibilities:  Develop and follow up on a daily base, the capacity development process of non formal education facilitators for children in the refugee and IDP camps and in the hosting communities.  Design a curriculum for the promotion of non formal education principles and methodology in the region.  Design and implement a one year long training for trainers program. The main educational tools were games, active experiential learning tools, forum theatre and arts. Participants were Iraqi IDPs from different ethnic groups (Kurdish, Yesidis, Shebek), Syrian refugees and Kurdish residents in KRI.

10/2008 6/2016
PROJECT COORDINATOR AND ADULT LEARNERS TRAINER FOR THE HELLENIC ADULT EDUCATION ASSOCIATION, ATHENS, GREECE Responsibilities: Develop and implement international adult education Projects, with a special focus on Trainers and educators capacity development. The main methodological tools used, were based on the theory of Perkins on the observation of Art as a mean to develop participants critical thinking, the theory of Mezirow about Transformative learning and Paulo Freire the pedagogy of liberation. Active Participatory methods such as, critical reflection on artworks, simulation games, role plays, forum theatre, world cafe and games where used.

1/10/2014 31/10/2015
MENTOR OF TRAINERS OF ON LINE COURSES FOR THE TRAINING INSTITUTE OF THE HELLENIC CONFEDERATION OF WORKERS, GREECE. In total more the 12.500 workers have been trained in a period of 12 months. The on line courses were including interactive on line and of line tools, simulation games and practical exercises.

1/10/2014 30/4/2016
TRAINING COORDINATOR FOR HUMAN RIGHTS EDUCATION IN ARSIS NGO, GREECE Responsibilities included the creation of a network of human rights trainers and the implementation of training activities in schools. In total more than 2000 students (elementary & high school) and 300 teachers have been involved in training activities using the training manual of the Council of Europe compass and Compasito.

12/2012 03/2013
CO-AUTHOR AND TRAINER OF THE TRAINING PROGRAM FOR THE EMPOWERMENT OF WOMEN IN THE TRADE UNIONS, GREEECE The training program was 1 year long and aimed to empower female workers, members of local trade unions to get a more active role and occupy leading positions in the unions. The training program involved more than 1000 women all over Greece.

CO-AUTHOR AND TRAINERS TEAM COORDINATOR, OF THE TRAINING PROGRAM “FIT FOR LIFE” PROMOTING ACTIVE YOUTH PARTICIPATION THROUGH SPORTS & VOLUNTEERING Co-author & trainer of the pilot trainings. The project took place in Ankara and involved 30 young leaders from 5 Turkish cities.

CO-AUTHOR AND TRAINER OF THE TRAINING MANUAL “INTERCULTURAL TRAINING FOR THE MUNICIPALITY OFFICERS & POLICEMEN WHO ARE IN CONTACT WITH IMMIGRANTS & REFUGEES”, GREECE. The program was implemented in 5 Greek cities and involved more than 500 police officers and public servants.

2012 TRAINER IN THE LONG TERM TRAINING PROGRAM “ CLEARING PARTICIPATION”, EU Participants were representing civil society organisations from four EU countries.

2011 Facilitator for the 10th Anniversary of the IYV Regional meetings organised by the UNV. Meetings in Turkey, Philippines and Senegal.

2011 Trainer “Intercultural understanding as a choice” for GSM organisation, Ankara Turkey with 25 participants from 7 countries.

2010 Facilitator of the general conference of the Alliance of European Organisations “New trends in voluntary world”, Ankara Turkey.
9/2008 until today

Trainer on Intercultural understanding seminars for Teachers of Greek language, Hellenic Culture Center , Athens and Lesbos, Greece
1-3/2010 Advisor on VOLUNTEERING for SWY22. 280 young people from 12 different countries participated in this 2 months long course.

8/2008 Trainer, “Youth Participation in the local society” , Cairo, Egypt

1-3/2007 Advisor on intercultural understanding in “Ship for World Youth 19” program, with 280 young people from all over the world.

2/2005 2/2006 IOM, trainer on Intercultural learning and understanding

8/2004 Coordinator of the project “Promoting Intra European Mobility for Elderly” for ANCE NGO – project of ENEA DG Employment & Social Affairs, Greece Short mission in Sri Lanka for the implementation of the Hellenic aid project to install solar panel in rural houses.

5/2004 Trainer in ”Des Formation(s) et Information (s): Jeunesse(s) de l’Europe face aux exclusions(s)” Nice, France. Main sessions: Intercultural learning, Inclusion and exclusion

3/2004 Trainer in Intercultural learning sessions in the framework of EQUAL, Athens, Xanthi. Main sessions: Intercultural learning, Communication

11-12/2003 & 4 -5/2002 Training for on arrival, pre-departure & mid term evaluation for European Voluntary Service volunteers, for the Greek National Agency of European Youth Programme. Main sessions: Intercultural learning, Group dynamics, Crisis management, Communication

11/2003 Trainer in «Youth participation at Local level» seminar, Dinan France. Main sessions: Intercultural learning, Group dynamics, Leadership

1/2002 12/2003 Trainer in the long term youth training project “Crossroad project” France – Italy with Citizens in Action NGO, Greece. Main sessions: active youth participation, Intercultural learning

11/2002 Coordinator for the project “Europe under construction” CEDEFOP Thessaloniki

6/2002 Trainer in “Euro-cultures” Training Course, Thessaloniki. Main sessions: Intercultural learning, Group dynamics, Crisis management, Communication

2/2002 ALLIANCE of European Voluntary Service organisations, “Training for Trainers”, EYC- Strasbourg
4/2001 Trainer in “International Youth Leaders Training”, Athens. Main sessions: Intercultural learning, Group dynamics, Crisis management, Communication, Project management


1/ 2000
Trainer for the ALLIANCE OF EUROPEAN VOLUNTARY SERVICE ORGANISATIONS “Training for Trainers”, EYC- Budapest. Main sessions: Training Methodologies in Non-Formal Education
3/ 2000 Trainer in “European Voluntary Service Seminar” UNAREC – France. Main sessions: Inclusion of disadvantaged youth Management of European Youth projects
1997 – 2001 C.V.G, Trainer in group leaders – animators seminars. Main sessions: Intercultural learning , Group dynamics, Crisis management, Communication, Project management
6/1996 10/2001
C.V.G, organizer & coordinator of 60 International voluntary projects. The projects (workcamps) took place in various parts of Greece in cooperation with local authorities and the aim was to support local development projects.
9/1995 6/1998 Italian language teacher in a private Institute in Athens

Voluntary Activities

Volunteer in one month long international voluntary project, in Greenland, organising recreational activities for children
2011 Member of the Working Group “Employee Volunteering” of the EYV 2011 Alliance

Since 2002
Member of the task force on gender equality (2016) of the Access for all – A4A working group (till 2013) and of the alliance development committee (2010 -2015) for Alliance of European Voluntary Service Organisations Since 2002 Board member of “Citizens in Action”, a Youth organisation promoting active participation and youth social involvement, Greece
Since 1996 Group leader & co-ordinator in international short-term voluntary projects (workcamps)
2002-2005 European Voluntary Service, sending and hosting coordinator

Foreign Languages English – ADVANCED LEVEL Italian – ADVANCED LEVEL French – BASIC LEVEL Spanish – BASIC LEVEL Social activities Board member of “Citizens in Action” a Greek voluntary youth organization Member of the Hellenic SWY Alumni Association Member of the Greek youth workers network. Other Skills Mentoring, supervision and social support for young people and adults. High intercultural competences and emotional intelligence. Adaptable and extremely good in team work. Computer literacy including Windows, Office, Internet Excellent accounting and logistic skills