Julia Rodríguez Nieto

Ready for the adventure.

Training Experience:
I’m member of Alliance of Euro- pean Voluntary Service Organisations Pool of Trainers, CCIVS Raising Peace PoT and Soliya Online Training Pool of Facilitators. Working languages: Spanish (native), English (advance) Fields of training experience: Community Development, Intercultural Understanding, Prejudice and Discrimination, Global Education, Social Inclusion, Human Rights Educa- tion.

Hi there! I’m Julia and although I’m originally from Spain, I lived in Scotland for some years (that’s where I got to know international volunteering and non formal education in a deeper way) and I’m currently living in Switzerland with my wee family. I’m a trained social worker and I/m currently working as a non formal educator with young people and other youth / community workers in the fields of International Volunteer- ing, Intercultural Dialogue and Human Rights. From the diversity of experiences, topics and target groups I’m taking away the importance of analysing the needs for our educational activity and the importance of tailoring those activities, so contents and sessions are well connected and do promote deeper learning, meeting partici- pants needs and expectations; the importance of bringing some curiosity and moti- vation to the work setting, and of being willing to try out new methods and ideas and to learn as much as possible from co-trainers and participants. Very excited to be part of Magnet POETs!