Joana Pinto

▪ Graduated at the University of Porto, Faculty of Phychology and Educational Sciences, Educational Psychology, 2012

▪ Currently employed as the general secretariat of Rede Inducar CRL,

▪ President of Azes Valboenses, a community centre in the outskirts of Porto

▪ Fields of professional interest: intercultural education and global education, participation, inclusion, volunteering, and non-formal education.


Joana is pationate about active citizenship. As a trainer she has dedicated the last 10 years activating young people to fulfil their potential as changemakers in their communities, training them develop competences among their peers. As a consultant she has been raising the capacity of civil society organisations and public services to provider more suitable social answers for young people. She has a lot of experience with structered dialogue and implementing participatory mechanisms to increase citizens’ full participation.

Joana has worked as a Project manager in Portugal and in the United Kingdom and her working path includes contexts as MENA region, South America and Sub-Saharian Africa.

At the moment she is the president of Azes Valboenses, a local community centre in the outskirts of Porto, Portugal, an organisation  willing to increase quality of life of the community with circular cultural and economic systems.