MAGNET acts as official partner in two Erasmus+ projects approved for funding in April 2018 deadline; begins the chapter of European projects with a clear focus on one of our main priorities – gender equality

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The project “Fair Play 3.0 – The Power Games!” is selected for funding by the German National Agency for Erasmus+ Programme. The project coordinator is one of our strategic partners, IJGD from Bonn.

IJGD has decided to continue working with this third project sequel with gender equality as one of the most important topics in regards to respect of human rights and chose MAGNET to host its first activity – Introductory training on gender and power relations in the society, to take place in Magnet House in Veliki Gaj, Serbia, 8-16 November 2018.

This project will address more specific issues in our society, which also affect International Voluntary Service, namely power structures and inequality in the access to rights and power distribution in the society. Furthermore, it would explore the effects of unequal power distribution in politics, economy and at home, summing up the overall image of the position of woman in the society and therefore in the voluntary projects themselves.


The second project is named “Promoting Rights, Inclusion, Diversity and Equality (PRIDE)” approved by the Romanian National Agency, with the coordinating organisation Go Free – Asociația pentru Sprijinirea Societății Civile.

MAGNET will send its three representatives to an international training in Cluj-Napoca (Romania) 14-21 October 2018. At this training they will develop skills for working with young LGBTQ people, so to be able to apply them through practical work in their own communities and raise awareness about challenges, limitations, discomfort and injustice these young people face.

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