Magnet is nongovernmental, nonprofit, association established with an aim of achieving goals in the area of education of the citizens about intercultural understanding, but also in area of active participation of youth in innovative non formal education programs, as well as programs of international activism and networking. Aims of the Magnet are to provide the space for:

  1. Exchanging ideas, expert knowledge and experiences with an aim of launching volunteer and intercultural projects, joint initiatives and partnerships;
  2. Raising capacities of its members and focus groups for sphere of interest of Magnet;
  3. Advocacy and emphasizing issues of public importance, as well as representing organizations on local, national and international level, in order to secure greater social impact;
  4. Increasing visibility and recognition of the activities, approaches and methodologies of the Association on local, national and international level;
  5. Sustainable cooperation with individuals and organizations that share same mission.

Aims of the associations are being achieved especially among youth and for youth.

In order to achieve own aims Magnet is carrying on following activities, in a line with mission and aims of the association: volunteer programs and projects, intercultural exchanges, festivals, volunteer workcamps, exhibitions, advocacy campaigns, artistic and educational activities, researches, publications, capacity building, trainings of non formal education, seminars, conferences, campaigns.