MAGNET is nongovernmental, non for profit, civil society association established with a vision of creating society that understands cultural diversity as a wealth linking generations within and beyond borders.

Magnet promotes intercultural dialogue, equal opportunities, social inclusion, global networking, non-formal education and learning, and active citizenship based on a human rights approach.



Pool Of Educators and Trainers - POETs

As MAGNET strongly believes in active participation, critical thinking and freedom of expression,
we created the space for all those who are interested to join us to create, explore,
develop guidelines and frames, form the teams, work at your own pace and bring on board your
ideas, while developing and growing new organization which will fully be dedicated to education,
without restrictions or restrains set up by boards, donors, organizations or networks. We gathered people with innovative ideas, and who are ready to put their ideas into actions, by following the basic values of MAGNET – inclusion, equality, interculturality, respect of human rights, and promotion of access to education. POETs are sixteen people from ten countries that are ready to offer their expertise in order to contribute to development of MAGNET through networking, sharing information and knowledge, promotion and raising of the visibility, development and management of the projects.


Donors and Strategic partners